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Mirai botnet returns with sights set on enterprise IoT devices

March 19, 2019 / Mirai

SECURITY BOFFINS have uncovered a new variant of the Mirai IoT botnet that's targeting enterprise-focused devices rather than the vulnerable consumer kit.Researchers from Unit 42, the threat intelligence group of Palo Alto Networks, found the new variant targeting LG Supersign TVs and WePresent WiPG-1000 Wireless Presentation system, both of which are used by businesses with networks offering larger amounts of bandwidth. Mirai was responsible for some of the biggest distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks ever seen. The malware takes advantage of old and out-of-date iterations of Linux running CCTV DVRs, webcams, routers and other cheaply thrown together IoT devices to infect them with malware capable of granting even unsophisticated attackers control over networks of hundreds of thousands of devices.