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Domo Unveils the Domo IoT Cloud to Help Customers Harness the Full Potential of IoT Data

March 25, 2019 / Domo

Domo announced the Domo IoT Cloud, a new offering which taps the power of the Domo platform to help customers harness the full potential of IoT data.  The Domo IoT Cloud, with the industry’s largest set of pre-built API connectors for IoT data, empowers customers to more easily create business value from machine and device data, whether it’s coming from the shop floor or out in the field. Billions of machines have the ability to produce data, inform the world of their state of health and their actions. The challenge is that to date there has been no easy way to capture all that information. Domo aims to bridge the digital divide and close the gap between machines and people by delivering the data to those who cannot only report on what is going on with their devices, but also invoke action.