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5G Americas explores how the IoT and 5G will ‘create our connected future’

July 17, 2019 / Ryan Daws

A whitepaper released by industry trade organisation 5G Americas delves into how the IoT and 5G will ‘create our connected future’.The whitepaper explains how standards body 3GPP has been helping to future-proof the cellular technology which is expected to underpin massive IoT deployments (defined as at least one million devices per kilometre).No organisation wants to be responsible for having to replace the batteries of such large deployments on a frequent basis, so the 5G networks are expected to be efficient and support ultra-low-power devices with over ten years’ battery life. Furthermore, in some verticals more than others – such as smart factories and future roadside infrastructure to support driverless cars – reliability is paramount. Such deployments are defined as ‘Critical IoT’ and the 3GPP has created the Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) radio and architecture to support them.