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5G and IoT – how to deal with data expansion as you scale

June 10, 2019 / information-age

With all the talk of self-driving cars and automated drone deliveries, it is easy to forget that the Internet of Things has been around for years. Even before the term “Internet of Things” was first created in 1999, enterprising computer science students had automated processes to improve their experience. One of the first “internet-connected” devices was the Coca Cola machine at Carnegie Mellon University in the 1970s, where students could check how many bottles were in the machine and how cold they were before walking down to buy a bottle.What has changed over time is how many devices are connected and how much data they create. For example, Traxens uses data from sensors within shipping containers to provide insight into where each container is located, alongside other data like temperature and humidity levels. This insight into data has helped Traxens deliver more accurate data to its clients in the shipping and rail sectors, as well as flagging opportunitie...