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5G Era The Internet of Everything Is Possible with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G in the Future

March 16, 2020 / IoT.Business.News

With the increasing commercial use of 5G networks by global carriers, many 5G application scenarios are being realized. Among them, indoor network service is an application scenario in which consumers directly use 5G.General carriers traditionally provide users with wired broadband service through a telephone wire, optical fiber, coaxial cable or other media. However, it is impossible to provide high-quality network bandwidth services in some regions due to various reasons, such as inadequate infrastructure and sparse population. The emergence of 5G networks provides a new solution for carriers. The three major features of 5G, namely high bandwidth, low latency and massive connections, provide more wireless Internet service possibilities for carriers and users. It’s clear that the ultra-high speed of 5G networks is close to or even faster than the speed of existing average home broadband networks. Fiber-to-the-premises deployments are no longer necessary. Carriers only need a 5G ...