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5G, IoT and ICT: Key innovations to boost Philippines' digital transformation in 2019

February 13, 2019 / Andrew Orlowski

PLDT Enterprise continues to stay at the forefront of innovation, focusing on 5G evolution, the Internet of Things (IoT) and ICT as major enablers in the Philippines’ digital transformation this 2019. As PLDT continues to expand its 5G footprint, a greater number of enterprises will be able to leverage on the uses of the network, such as IoT. The group also aims to empower even more cities across the country. Similarly, the group also remains steadfast in its advocacy of ICT utilization—particularly for VITRO Data Center, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Managed IT Services—so as to make the adoption of the network seamless and streamlined. “Business operations have transformed rapidly in the last five years. While the primary needs of our customers have remained the same, the volume and capacity at which they need such services is expanding exponentially. On top of providing new solutions, we remain dedicated to improving what we already have and making the transition...