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Akamai launches Edge Cloud for IoT devices and in-app messaging

August 05, 2019 / Newsdesk

Akamai has launched a cloud solution line designed to serve the needs of businesses as they embrace the internet of things.Edge Cloud will leverage Akamai’s edge platform to streamline and secure data delivery to connected devices and in-application messaging at scale.With IoT Edge Connect, developers can build low-latency interactions with millions of endpoints and process data in real-time. Customers using the service can reduce network, compute and database build out, reduce security breaches and improve manageability, avoiding the need to develop and maintain proprietary and costly IoT and in-app messaging networks, according to Akamai.As more use cases emerge for IoT and in-application messaging, such as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), the need to offer connectivity for billions of devices, real-time data delivery and capabilities that allow for easier data management are a requirement.