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APAC consumers want IoT devices, but fear data leaks

November 19, 2018 / Eileen Yu

The majority of consumers in Asia-Pacific already own at least one Internet of Things (IoT) device and plan to buy more, but 81 percent do so with fears their personal data is being leaked and 71 percent worry about being monitored without their knowledge. Seven in 10 respondents said they already had at least one IoT device and almost half said they had at least three, revealed the latest annual study by the Internet Society. Currently in its fifth iteration, the survey this year polled 1,000 online users in 22 markets across Asia-Pacific. Some 75 percent said they planned to buy an IoT device in the next 12 months, the study found, with smart TVs and fridges, connected wearables, fitness monitors, virtual reality headsets, and smart assistant devices such as Google Home amongst the most popular of such devices.