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Architectural Shift In 5G Core Needed To Meet IoT Demands

December 10, 2019 / Mai Barakat

A recurring theme at this year's 5G Core Summit was that implementing 5G is not building a network for a single customer but for a whole society. To accomplish this, the 5G core needs an open and digital infrastructure defined by software that takes advantage of digital technologies such as cloud-based networks and software-defined network programmable connectivity. The summit, held in Madrid Sept. 24-25, featured operator, vendor and regulator presentations on how the industry needs to change its thinking of the 5G network to bring in new revenue streams as well as have multivendor core capabilities. According to Enrique Blanco, global chief technology and information officer at Telefónica Spain, it is key to have different vendors offering different components to the 5G core to take advantage of 5G's full potential in terms of services — meaning no single vendor or country should control the end to end of the 5G core network. To achieve this, service providers ne...