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Arm reaches out to retailers with offer to unify and manage siloed customer and in-store IoT data

January 11, 2019 / ANASIA D'MELLO

Arm has revealed a full, “easy to deploy” retail solution that is said to enable retailers to securely consolidate, unify and manage their previously siloed digital customer data and physical in-store (Internet of Things) IoT data to provide more personalised offers, build brand loyalty and drive better operations. The solution combines Arm’s Pelion IoT and Arm Treasure Data CDP to help retailers break down data silos and obtain a holistic view of their shopper’s path to purchase. The benefits happen when all of the customer data and in-store IoT data is responsibly collected, unified and made accessible to the right stakeholders. Charlene Marini, vice president of ISG Strategy, discusses how this solution empowers retailers with the ability to better leverage their data for personalised marketing campaigns, improved customer service, and optimised merchandise and in-store placements in her blog.