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Arm Releases New Infrastructure and Security Certifications for IoT Devices

February 26, 2019 / Baker Lawley

Arm today announced its new multilevel hardware-based security certification for IoT devices, PSA Certified. Following last week's announcement of their Neoverse E1 and N1 platforms for use in IoT applications, Arm looks ahead to a world of one trillion connected devices. The Changing Internet
As the Internet of Things becomes larger, with improved hardware and more connected devices, the internet must shift away from content distribution (like streaming movies) towards data consumption, to handle the massive amount of data that will be generated.  In its current iteration, hardware has kept up with demands by developing faster general-purpose compute. As the IoT expands the amount of data it needs to process,Arm expects that a heterogenous compute—with segments such as general, network, storage, security, and graphics—will be the only way to keep up. To plan for this future, Arm is introducing a complete infrastructure platform, with the Neoverse N1 and E1 ...