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As IoT Becomes a Real Time Sport One Company Turns the Network Inside Out

December 05, 2018 / Cynthia S. Artin

The real value in the IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) is not being created by simple applications that occasionally ping devices for basic information; while understanding the health of those connected devices is useful, applications that not only poll devices but help control those devices are driving greater cost savings and more innovation. 2018 may be remembered as the end of the beginning of the “original IoT” and the beginning of the end of small Proof-of-Concept deployments giving way to massive, distributed implementations intensified by the advancement of data processing in huge volumes, at the edge of the network, in edge data centers, and in any variety of clouds. Go big or go home is shaping up to be a rallying cry for 2019, and as we race towards the beginning of the new year, with tremendous strides having been made this year in solving for compute, security, embedded software and hardware combinations and clearer regulation, we’re on the threshold of real...