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AT&T Complements LTE-M with the Launch of Nationwide NB-IoT Network

May 01, 2019 / Ray Sharma

AT&T this week announced the launch of its nationwide NB-IoT network, after completing the software upgrades at its 4G LTE cell sites across the country. With NB-IoT, AT&T now has two complementary Low-Power Wide Area networks – including  its LTE-M network in the U.S. and Mexico. Both networks are designed for the IoT within licensed spectrum and provide carrier-grade security. According to AT&T, having both networks offers its business customers more options to implement IoT solutions with security, interoperability, and lower costs. The devices that ride on these networks can be configured to go dormant when not in use. That opens a host of uses that don’t need constant cellular connections. Think of things like utility meters, leak detectors, street lights and smart appliances, said AT&T.