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AT&T, OneLife Technologies Announce the First LTE-M Certified Medical and Health Data Wearable

February 21, 2019 / IoT Business News

A Comprehensive Smartwatch Health Solution for the Chronically Ill and Elderly. OneLife Technologies Corp., a mobile medical software/data collection company, offers the first AT&T LTE-M certified medical wearable. The OnePulse smartwatch goes beyond tracking steps. It provides activity trackers, reminders, and alert technologies. Powered by AT&T wireless connectivity, the advanced wearable securely and independently transmits certain critical medical and health data to the cloud. This allows clinicians, patients and their caregivers to monitor user status and well-being. The AT&T LTE-M connection allows clinicians near real-time access to patient data in a highly secure environment – providing caregivers the ability to intervene when necessary. The LTE-M Low-Power Wide-Area network is designed for IoT devices that are compact. This makes possible OnePulse’ five-day battery life, always on feature and light weight design.