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AtomBeam's Code Fits in Virtually all IoT Devices and Uses Machine Learning to Reduce Size of IoT Data

October 08, 2020 / Send2Press

Today, AtomBeam launches its free Customer Portal, giving prospective customers limited access to AtomBeam’s patented, radical new AI software. Using the portal, prospective customers can validate actual reductions achievable in IoT data transmission (typically 75%).

Customers can safely and securely test their own data or use one of several sample IoT datasets provided. The Customer Portal is simple to use and a way to directly experience the power of AtomBeam’s compaction technology.

AtomBeam’s light, fast code fits in virtually all Internet of Things (IoT) devices and uses machine learning to reduce the size of IoT data. The original data is never transmitted, adding ultralight security. AtomBeam’s patented process can operate on the smallest IoT data files, unlike compression; compression technologies cannot significantly reduce IoT data because machine/IoT files are simply too small for it to be effective. In contrast, AtomBeam...