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Audi: Youngsters see autonomous driving in more ‘positive light’

September 24, 2019 / IoT News

Audi recently conducted a study about driverless cars featuring 21,000 respondents across nine countries, namely the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Japan, and China. The study, which was conducted through the Audi Urban Future Initiative, explored three categories: the emotional landscape, the human readiness index (HRI) and numerous user typology templates. Of these three points, HRI is the most important. The HRI covers age groups, gender, living environment, income, education and the distance a respondent drives daily. Mostly, younger generations consider the idea of autonomous driving to be advantageous. During the survey, respondents under the age of 24 (Generation Z) showed “high readiness” for self-driving technology – 73 per cent said they were curious about the technology.