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Aurora: Individual state rules are problematic for autonomous vehicles

August 29, 2019 / Ryan Daws

Charity Allen, head of regulatory at self-driving car startup Aurora, has posted a blog highlighting the current problem facing autonomous vehicles of individual state rules. While some American states are yet to even formulate laws regarding self-driving cars, others have developed their own individual regulations. 29 states so far have passed autonomous vehicle laws to various extents. By the time all 50 states post their own self-driving car regulations, that’s a lot of work to do to ensure compliance not just in the state where the vehicle is purchased, but when crossing into others too. In California, regulations outline specific testing requirements and mandate that companies share certain metrics with the state, such as the number of disengagements while driving,” wrote Allen. “In other states, like Arizona, Texas, and Florida, the regulations are less explicit, requiring less, if any, reporting on self-driving vehicle operations.