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Australia will deploy AI drones to spot crocodiles near swimmers

August 21, 2019 / Ryan Daws

A fleet of AI-powered drones will be deployed in Australia to help spot crocodiles getting dangerously close to swimmers.Australian rivers have the highest density of saltwater crocodiles in the world. The number of deadly attacks has risen in recent years, which is believed to be due to an increase in the crocodile population.The croc-spotting drones were developed as part of a collaboration between Little Ripper Group and the University of Technology Sydney."The Queensland government said, 'Hey do we have a challenge for you,’ and asked ‘can you spot crocodiles for us?' Crocodiles are slinky people that like dark, muddy water, so we took on that challenge," said Little Ripper Group co-founder Paul Scully-Power to ZDNet.