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Avnet announces IoT programme and marketplace

January 14, 2020 / Ben Moore

Avnet is launching a new IoT-specific partner programme designed to provide developers with a place to build complete IoT solutions.

Using Avnet's IoTConnect platform, powered by Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite, developers can connect devices that address both the software and hardware needs of IoT solutions.

Avnet will be adding a comprehensive marketplace in the coming months, which will allow a developer to write IoT applications to its platform and offer them for sale.

"IoT is complex, with unique hardware, software and security requirements at every stage of the development cycle," says Avnet business transformation president Pete Bartolotta.

"With our partner programme and the upcoming marketplace, we are putting proven IoT solutions in the hands of partners and systems integrators so they can scale their own businesses and accelerate the adoption of IoT."