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Avnet wants makers’ push on AI and IoT

April 17, 2019 / Julien Happich

In its latest contest, Avnet’s project-based community Hackster.io challenges its community to use the power of IoT every day, tasking participants to not only add intelligence to their projects, but to take it to the edge. Contestants will need to reimagine something from their everyday lives that could benefit from intelligent IoT, and use SmartEdge Agile and the Brainium portal to create it. These technologies can help anyone effectively develop and deploy intelligent open source IoT projects at the edge through an easy-to-use, zero-code interface. To help participants get started, Hackster.io will give away SmartEdge Agile IoT devices to the 100 best project proposals submitted to the contest page’s “Apply for hardware” tab by 19th April. Developers who miss the deadline can purchase SmartEdge Agile exclusively through Premier Farnell.