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ByteSnap Design Industry Predictions for 2019

November 30, 2018 / IoT.Business.News

As 2018 draws to a close, engineers at award-winning electronics design consultancy ByteSnap Design have been wondering what the year ahead holds for the embedded systems industry. Predictions for 2019 from embedded electronics design engineers ByteSnap Design cover the following areas: Versatility for voice assistants, Electric vehicle battery sizes, 5G infrastructure, Smart glasses, Fitness trackers, IoT, Mergers and acquisitions, Smart gardening Greater versatility for voice assistants: As Amazon and Billy Bass join forces1, we look forward to the improving functionality of voice assistants next year. They should have better connectivity, and will continue to have extra features added. For example, Google Assistant has recently been updated with routines, so that you can say “I am going to bed” and it will know that means “Turn off the light, lower the thermostat, and switch off the TV”.