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Combo of machine vision and edge computing opens new IoT opportunities

November 07, 2019 / rcwireless

Right now sorting boxes onto the appropriate pallet as these goods move through a supply chain is a time-consuming, error-prone manual process. But it doesn’t have to be. During the recent PACK Expo in Las Vegas, ADLINK demonstrated how a combination of readily-available technologies can streamline the palletization process. Broadly speaking, using sensing technology to derive new value from physical assets is the entire premise of the internet of things. But beyond sensors, achieving this new level of value from a digitized world requires localized data analysis on top of edge computing infrastructure. While the term sensor might conjure images of a thermometer, motion sensor or more traditional form factor, in this particular scenario, and many other impactful IoT use cases, consider a camera as just another sensor–capturing and transmitting visual data.