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Dimitra Simeonidou, Smart Internet Lab: Building smarter cities

March 11, 2020 / Ryan Daws

IoT News caught up with Professor Dimitra Simeonidou to gather her thoughts on building smarter cities. When we previously met Simeonidou, she was the CTO of Bristol is Open – a pioneering smart city project combining a fibre and mesh network with sensors and open data to provide a playground for anyone wanting to test applications in a real-world environment. “Last time we spoke, it was just the beginning of doing city–regional experimentation,” says Simeonidou. “We evolved our story from a Bristol city testbed to a regional testbed.“ “We installed 5G infrastructure at the centre of Bristol, 5G infrastructure at the centre of Bath – connected the two cities with fibre – and extended into our industrial park at Filton where our aerospace industry is sitting.