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ENGINE: Trust and data privacy remain consumers' biggest fears about connected cars

December 18, 2019 / IoT News

According to a recent survey conducted by ENGINE Insights, 65% of recent and intending car buyers have one or more connected car features in their current car. However, 54% are concerned about data security and how their data might be used and 19% of respondents said that data management concerns could compel them from not buying a connected car in future.The ‘Connected Car’ survey from ENGINE reported that data security fears are universal, spanning across generations – 54% of Millennials, 52% of Generation Xers and 55% of Baby Boomers all agree with the statement, “I think that connected car data could be used in ways I wouldn’t like. As per the survey, 65% of all recent and intending car buyers have a strong interest in understanding how their personal information is handled by companies. In addition, 50% keep up with innovations in vehicle technology such as the autonomous car.