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Enhancing security in the era of 5G, AI and IoT

March 05, 2020 / CIOL Bureau

Since their introduction in India in 2018, the Smart City initiative has put forth considerable efforts to improve the process of urbanisation. These cities generally leverage the latest technology to address broad issues like neighbourhood safety, economic development, and waste disposal, along with delivery of potable water, urban planning using green solutions, transportation concerns, and more. There are a number of elements that smart city planners need to focus on, one of which is issue of security. Digital security investment in smart cities is severely lagging thus seeding the future vulnerabilities of the IoT ecosystem. Smart cities are comprised of a highly complex, interdependent network of devices, systems, platforms, and users. Smart energy, utilities, water and wastage, parking and automotive, industrial and manufacturing, building automation, e-government and telemedicine, surveillance and public safety are just some of the verticals that vendors and governments must sec...