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Enterprise IoT and protecting against Bluetooth endpoint vulnerabilities: A guide

January 16, 2020 / Patrice Puichaud

It is well established that IoT devices greatly increase the security challenges of defending corporate networks, and a recent PwC survey reported that 71% of manufacturers plan to deploy IoT devices, despite the associated risks. It seems like the IoT train has left the station and is rushing full steam ahead towards the horizon. In order to continue to travel safely, enterprises must understand the risks of deploying IoT devices and how to mitigate them. This assessment process should consider the devices that create the risk, an analysis of the type of attacks that they can be used for and the potential implications and regulatory risks. When it comes to leveraging vulnerabilities on these devices, one area that is frequently overlooked is Bluetooth. This low-powered wireless technology is on every endpoint, widely used in IoT devices is often active and usually discoverable by default.