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Ericsson IoT Accelerator at heart of two new Sprint Curiosity IoT updates

October 30, 2019 / Ericsson

The new additions of private IoT networks and NB-IoT further enhance the flexibility in Curiosity™ IoT for Sprint’s enterprise customers, providing the ability to capture the potential in new IoT use cases across a variety of industry verticals. Developed in collaboration between the two partners and managed by Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator, Sprint’s private network solution brings IoT to the edge for enterprise customers, providing the ability to manage IoT applications that have critical requirements, such as low latency or local breakout, without the need to traverse the macro environment. Ivo Rook, Senior Vice President of IoT and Product Development, Sprint, says: "Curiosity™ IoT was created with the possibility of private networking in mind. The dedicated, distributed and virtualized core network and operating system allows for the flexibility across all types of customers, including those who have very demanding network needs or operate in hard-to...