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Ericsson Makes Bold Growth Predictions for 5G, Cellular IoT

November 25, 2019 / LightReading

Ericsson expects 5G to account for 2.6 billion subscriptions and generate 45% of the world's total mobile data traffic by 2025, according to forecasts included in its most recent Mobility Report. The report, which analyses the global mobile market's current state and includes predictions about how the market will change in the coming few years, notes that 5G is still in its infancy: By the end of this year only about 13 million mobile users are expected to have signed up for 5G services. However, 5G network expansion is expected to ramp up significantly in the next few years, with the Ericsson report team predicting that two thirds of the global population will have access to 5G services six years from now. Ericsson, which uses its direct contact with, and knowledge of, the global mobile service provider community to publish a mobility report twice each year, expects rapid uptake of 5G services in North America and Europe, while the greatest cellular IoT growth is expected in N...