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Evan Cummack: Why now is the perfect time to jump into the IoT

August 12, 2019 / Ryan Daws

Evan Cummack, Twilio’s head of IoT & Wireless, explains why now is the perfect time to jump into the Internet of Things.Cummack led a session titled ‘The IoT opportunity right outside your door’ at this year’s Twilio Signal conference in San Francisco. That IoT opportunity, Cummack says, is creating “entrepreneurial whitespace” larger than PC, mobile, and even the web.When just about every ‘thing’ can be connected to the internet in some way, it’s hard to dispute the entrepreneurial possibilities. Masses of data can be used in powerful and innovative new ways that were once incomprehensible.Cummack runs through some IoT statistics: $17bn VC funding poured into IoT startups in Q4 alone, there are 20 billion single-purpose devices on the internet today, and 127 new IoT devices are connected every second.