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Everything Could Be Part of the IoT with a New RFID system

April 24, 2019 / Stephen Mraz

Frying pans, pill bottles, canes, coffee cups, and countless other nonelectronic objects could be turned into a network of Internet of Things sensors with a new RFID-based technology from the University of Michigan. The system, called IDAct, bridges the gap between the estimated 14.2 billion “smart” electronic devices currently thought by some to be part of the IoT and the hundreds of billions of everyday “stupid” objects left out of the picture. UM researchers say it’s a key step toward creating an immersive IoT experience. “Imagine a world where your pill bottle track your medication intake and a water glass monitors your hydration levels,” says engineering professor Alanson Sample. “Even your yoga mat is aware of your exercises and could adjust lighting, temperature, and background music accordingly.”