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Exploring emerging technology convergence and its wider impact – from IoT, to AI, to 5G and more

August 08, 2019 / James Bourne

Technology buying, adoption and development have their own cycles; their own circadian rhythms which are difficult to modify, if you will. It is through looking at these theories as well as current emerging technologies that the latest pattern of convergence can be pegged and prophesised.Moore’s Law may soon run out of steam, but it continues to shape the semiconductor industry lifecycle. Gartner’s regular hype cycles have outlined a long-running pattern of confidence with the arrival of a new technology, followed by cynicism, before the two meet somewhere in the middle. Another example relates to how technology becomes industrialised. It takes somewhere in the region of 30 to 50 years for technology to ‘industralise’. Within a few years of that eureka moment, the winners and losers are decided, before the technology moves towards mass-market adoption.