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Finnish operator Elisa deploys 5G for smart city applications in Helsinki

October 30, 2018 / James Blackman

Finnish operator Elisa has signed a deal with the University of Helsinki to organise 5G technologies for air-quality monitoring and other smart city applications in large citiest Elisa is already providing the university’s MegaSense research programme, looking to cover a dense urban area in Helsinki with a network of air-quality sensors, with NB-IoT coverage. The duo will upgrade the air sensor network to run on 5G, to detect air pollutants and host further smart city solutions. Elisa has already launched 5G services in Helsinki. It will expand coverage to the MegaSense test area. The 5G network will also be available for startups in the area to use. In addition to Helsinki, the fair are working together on the same project in Beijing, they said.