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Fleet IoT offering registers one million devices in 24 hours

February 12, 2019 / IoT.Business.News

The co-founder of Fleet Space Technologies says the registration of one million devices in less than 24 hours to its low-cost satellite network shows the time is right for the Internet of Things. Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO of the South Australian company Fleet Space Technologies, said the company’s Project Galaxy offer to connect devices for US$2 per year last week at an Internet of Things conference proved her vision for low-power, cost efficient industrial IoT was supported by the market. “It’s an aggressive call in the market from a company that’s vision has always been to allow people to connect for $2 per year or less, to allow them to make IoT happen in the world,” Tata Nardini said. She said the “ballsy move” wasn’t the usual way satellite companies launched systems but the success of her “Apple style” pitch proved there was demand to connect LoRaWAN devices to its flagship, fully integrated IoT gateway.