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Founder of Hive Launches New Software to Continue Dominance in the UK Iot Market

May 02, 2019 / Viraj T

Pilgrim Beart, the key figure behind the Hive Platform, British Gas’ innovative initiative and, by far, UK’s most successful IoT project has secured fresh funding of $19 million to expand DevicePilot; an IoT Analytics platform designed to work across all verticals. Beart’s previous accomplishments include Hive that was sold to British Gas for $100 million and Antenova, a product that powers most mobile phones currently in use. Now, his latest venture, DevicePilot is being rolled out in a Software as a Service (SaaS) format which promises to leverage IoT capabilities to solve business problems, regardless of technical expertise. The solution essentially comprises of an IoT system can be installed in a maximum of 15 minutes through sensors. The funding is in tandem with Microsoft’s announcement of investing $5 billion to harness the full capacity of the Internet of Things.