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Goodix demonstrates IoT solutions and biometrics for cars at Apsara Conference

September 27, 2019 / Chris Burt

Goodix is demonstrating its latest IoT products and smart applications based on its IoT platform’s core technologies at Alibaba Cloud’s 2019 Apsara Conference in Hangzhou, including a smart dashboard for cars featuring fingerprint biometrics for user authentication to activate customized settings for seat and mirror positioning, playback settings and more, according to a company announcement. The company is also showcasing a smart lock it says can perform facial identification with 3D computer vision, even in the presence of interference from strong ambient light, with its short-pulse sensitization technology, heart rate sensors Goodix says provide highly accurate heart rate data for health and fitness applications on wearables, and smart earbuds with capacitive-based multi-channel in-ear detection (IED) and touch control.