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Google Announces $450M Investment in ADT to Increase IoT Security Devices Adoption

August 04, 2020 / Ryan Daws

Google has announced a $450 million investment in security firm ADT to increase the adoption of IoT security devices.

Often when you hear IoT and security in the same sentence, it’s because another device has been hacked. However, secure devices can actually improve the safety of premises (don’t be too shocked.)

ADT is one of the most recognisable security brands in the world. You’ll almost certainly have seen one of the company’s somewhat iconic yellow alarms on the outside of a building to make anyone reconsider attempting a break-in.

As part of the investment, Google’s Nest smart home devices – such as cameras and displays – will be sold and installed by ADT.

The partnership between the two companies is expected to begin this year. Homes and small businesses will be the main targets for the security solutions.