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Healthcare IoT requires stronger security strategies against cyberattacks, says Irdeto Research

September 03, 2019 / IoT News

Healthcare providers are more vulnerable to cyberattacks – and according to a new report, they need to ensure IoT security strategies are robust enough to ensure the future of care. The study, from Netherlands-based software firm Irdeto, polled 232 healthcare security decision makers and suggested these care providers should make sure to strengthen their IoT security strategies to safeguard patients’ safety. 82% of the surveyed parties experienced an IoT-focused cyberattack in 2018. 30% of organisations affected by the attack reported compromised end-user safety.According to the study, healthcare organisations lack necessary measures to counter cyberattacks despite being aware of the areas that are vulnerable and need to be protected. Fifty per cent of the respondents cited IT network as the most prominent vulnerable spot within healthcare organisations, followed by 45% of the mobile devices and accompanying apps and 42% IoT devices.