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Healthcare’s blind spot: Unmanaged IoT and medical devices

July 22, 2019 / Zeljka Zorz

From imaging to monitoring systems, infusion pumps to therapeutic lasers and life support machines, medical devices are used to improve and streamline patient care. Many of these are networked and they can be found everywhere in today’s hospitals. Depending on who you ask, in the U.S. there are, on average, either a handful or between 10 to 15 connected devices per bed, and keeping an eye on them is a difficult.“Our data shows that hospitals on average have lost track of 30% of their networked medical devices, making it much harder to protect them against hackers. This is particularly concerning because some 61% of all medical devices on a hospital network are at cyber risk and can be compromised by malicious attackers seeking to steal data, harm patients or ransomware,” says Motti Sorani, CTO of medical cybersecurity provider CyberMDX.