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HKBN Enterprise Solutions eyes 97% IoT connectivity in HK

December 30, 2019 / Gigi Onag

HKBN Enterprise Solutions has partnered with Thinxtra to be the very first telecom carrier in Hong Kong to launch IoT (Internet of Things) platform solutions based on Sigfox's technology standard. As part of this partnership, HKBN Enterprise Solutions has also provided connectivity support to expand the Thinxtra operated, Sigfox 0G network to achieve a population coverage of 97% in Hong Kong, making its IoT network connectivity one of the highest in the world. As the innovator of the global 0G network standard, Sigfox is the world's leading connectivity provider for IoT. Its global network has connected billions of devices to the Internet in more than 65 countries. Thinxtra is the local Sigfox operator for Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau.