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Hologram's New eUICC SIMs and Platform Unlocks a New Level of Cellular IoT Connectivity

July 08, 2020 / Derrick Wolbert

Starting today, Hologram customers can unlock a new level of cellular IoT connectivity with Hologram Hyper, our eUICC SIMs and platform. Hyper helps organizations scale faster across different markets by providing over-the-air, updatable access to Hologram's full portfolio of cellular IoT connectivity partners and profiles. It's the key to flexibility for your IoT project—in coverage, performance, and pricing. "Software is eating the world," says Hologram founder and CEO Ben Forgan. "With IoT, software is also 'eating' the physical world, creating opportunities for companies to build exciting products and generate efficiencies through automation. Hologram is doing our part with Hyper, our eUICC platform, by turning connectivity into software."