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How to Apply IoT in Healthcare: Best Approaches and Use Cases

March 25, 2020 / IoT Business News

Healthcare is rapidly developing with tech novelties. The Internet of Things will bring significant changes to patient care. Doctors and healthcare providers already use it in their workflow.Some hospitals, like Saratoga Hospital, apply IoT technologies for remote consultations, patient monitoring, and improve health outcomes. IoT has an enormous potential in the healthcare field. Data provided by the sensors can help to diagnose diseases and constantly monitor health conditions. On top of that, IoT software can detect the precursors of illnesses and stop its progression in the early stages.Looking at the market forecasts, you can see that this field is remarkably promising. By 2025 IoT healthcare will reach $534.3 billion. The essential function of IoMT is monitoring patients’ health conditions and informing the doctor about its deterioration.