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Internet of Things Forecast: 28 Billion Connected Devices, Much More Speed

November 20, 2015 /

The amount of data expected to be generated by billions of Internet-connected devices is almost too large to fathom.

Even more bewildering is how all that data will get to where it needs to go.

And that’s where network speed and capacity come in, both of which have been roaring along with the growth of The Internet of Things.

This matters to marketers since the messaging that will travel along The Internet of Things will take a lot more space and speed than a banner ad.

As context, there are just over 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, with about 3 billion of them being smartphones. By 2021, the number of mobile phone subscriptions will hit 9 billion, with 6 billion of them being smartphones, according to a new detailed report that tracks such things.