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Internet of Things Set to Become a Game-Changer for the Healthcare Industry

December 05, 2018 / IoT.Business.News

Among the many technological developments of recent years, the Internet of Things stands out as one of the most promising. The potential of interconnected smart devices to implement tasks without human intervention has already proven its benefits in many industrial sectors but it is now about to become a game-changer in the healthcare space as well. IoT Set to Play Crucial Role in Healthcare Harnessing big data in order to improve personal healthcare with the help of IoT tech is quickly gaining ground among developers in the field – and the industry is set to grow even more. As of January 2018, the largest segment of IoT projects across the globe were smart cities, claiming a 23% industry share, followed by connected industry at 17% and connected building at 12%. Connected cars at 11% and smart energy at 10% complete the top five, but healthcare applications are already rising. They occupied the 6th spot and 6% of the market, and all signs show that the sector is set to develop f...