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IoT and edge computing: The perfect match

September 07, 2019 / Alan Conboy

Alan Conboy, Office of the CTO of Scale Computing, explores the role of edge computing in the age of IoT. With the Internet of Things (IoT) generating more data than ever before, organisations must seriously consider what edge computing has to offer. According to a study from the International Data Corporation (IDC), 45 percent of all data created by IoT devices will be stored, processed, analysed and acted upon close to or at the edge of a network by 2020.In a world that is increasingly data-driven, a large amount of data is being generated outside of the traditional data centre. Edge computing places the physical computing infrastructure at the edges of the network where the data is being generated, and in many cases, this is where the data is needed most. Thanks to its small hardware footprint, edge infrastructure can collect, process, and reduce enormous amounts of data that can then be uploaded to a centralised data centre. Edge computing acts as a high-performance bridge from loc...