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IoT faces implementation, security concerns


Executives working with the internet of things are most concerned about execution, cybersecurity and initial purchase costs, according to a survey by IoT World 2019 ahead of its mid-May conference. The survey, titled “What’s Keeping IoT Executives up at Night in 2019,” canvassed 100-plus IoT leaders in various sectors, including government, health care, transportation and energy. Results show that implementation and security are the top challenges to IoT at 34% and 25%, respectively. “These top two concerns implementation and security go hand in hand,” the report stated. “Before any enterprise can implement new IoT technology, companies must do their due diligence on potential security risks, their staff’s readiness to support the new technology and how to properly deploy it.” To secure IoT networks, 45% of respondents said they’re deploying IoT devices on a dedicated network, and a nearly equal number said they are adding internal ...