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IoT is infiltrating the business world despite security risks

March 10, 2020 / Harry Baldock

A new study from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky shows that 61% of businesses adopted IoT platforms in 2019 and this number will continue to increase. The boom of the IoT ecosystem is a beautiful thing for many, offering a whole new world of possibilities for enterprises, including new revenue streams and vastly improved efficiency. A new report from Kaspersky shows that IoT implementation is growing throughout a host of industries, with IT and telecoms, perhaps unsurprisingly, at the forefront of IoT adoption, with 71% reporting using these devices within their business. However, other industries’ use of the technology is closing the gap, with hospitality at 63%, healthcare at 66%, and finance at 68% – all these industries saw an increase in IoT usage of around 10% between 2018 and 2019.