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ioXt Alliance, Global Standard for IoT Security and PSA Certified Collaborates to Help Improve Silicon Security

October 14, 2020 / Business Wire

The ioXt Alliance, the Global Standard for IoT Security, announced today that the Alliance and PSA Certified will collaborate to help improve silicon security. Together, the two will facilitate greater industry alignment on device certification and ensure connected products are protected all the way from silicon-level through to end products and services.

Strong device security needs to be built upon secure silicon. By combining efforts, the ioXt Alliance and PSA Certified provide the full confidence required in product security. PSA Certified offers a security framework and multi-level evaluation scheme that is driven by a baseline of security for connected devices and is underpinned by the Root of Trust -- or a set of implicitly trusted functions that the system or device can use to ensure security.

ioXt has selected PSA Certified as a foundational Root of Trust scheme and will recognize it in its product evaluations. This enhances the work that ioXt has...