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Lacuna Space aims to ride IoT wave with a 32-cubesat constellation

August 13, 2019 / Caleb Henry

Lacuna Space CEO Rob Spurrett says he’s well aware his 3-year-old startup is part of a cresting wave of Internet of Things ventures seeking to deploy constellations of cubesats to connect a world awash in smart devices.At least 16 companies are targeting the IoT market with smallsats, according to NSR analyst Alan Crisp, ranging from startups like Fleet and Kepler Communications to heavyweights like Eutelsat.“Like many other people, we spotted a great opportunity to do IoT with small satellites,” Spurrett said. “The gold rush is on.” Whether Lacuna Space will rise to the front is still to be determined. But Spurrett believes the company’s emphasis on offering the lowest price service will make it a winner.“We’ve always been of the view that IoT is going to be a very low-cost application,” he said. “Driving cost out of the system is going to be absolutely critical. If you’re going to win this race, it’s going to be ...