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Large-scale IoT attack coming

December 06, 2019 / Gadget

KnowBe4 has compiled a list of its top 10 cybersecurity predictions for 2020 from its executive leadership team and array of security awareness advocates from around the world. The topics range from upcoming government legislation to security culture to specific industry verticals being targeted in cyber attacks. In 2020, federal legislation will be passed that makes any ransomware infection of more than 500 records automatically a data breach with all the resultant disclosure requirements and legal expenses. We will see further balkanisation of the internet and its services. While countries like China have traditionally maintained its own infrastructure, we have seen political issues spill out to the cyber realm, with companies like Kaspersky and Huawei being banned in the U.S. We will likely see more products and services having to be tailored for local requirements and regulations.