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Märt Kroodo, CEO, 1oT: On using eSIM technology to solve IoT connectivity – and where telcos stand

March 04, 2020 / James Bourne

For the Internet of Things (IoT), the vast majority of hype which gets bandied about is with regards to the sheer number of devices being connected. An article from McKinsey put this number at 127 new devices every second. Yet peel back the first layer of the onion and you get to the connectivity aspect itself, vital in its own right. Meet 1oT. The company, a provider of cellular connectivity for IoT device makers, is based out of Estonia. The European country has various advanced emerging technology initiatives in place, not least its feted e-Estonia digital society, so it is no surprise that a thriving tech ecosystem exists. 1oT aims to solve the connectivity problem for providers across a global base, saving headaches with separate carriers, SIM cards, and device configurations. Ahead of IoT Tech Expo Global in London later this month, where 1oT is exhibiting, IoT News spoke with Märt Kroodo, CEO and founder of 1oT, around the company’s goals, the roadmap for IoT technolo...